what is the best way to get rid of cockroaches
Item name KILLPOP Cockroach Killer
Dosage forms Solid type
Ingredient Chlorpyrifos, etc.
Efficacy effects Stamp out cockroach and its eggs
How to take
and usage
1. Record installed date after separating medicine box
2. Surely install 1 package at a time and change it with new product every 3rd months in order to effectively stamp out cockroach
3. By using double-sided tape including product package, attach them at places where there are many cockroaches
4. Put total package at kitchen and bathroom having many cockroaches like figure
5. In the case that kitchen��s space is too wide or cockroaches seriously appear, install it by adding proper amount more.
6. In the case that cockroaches disappear at bedroom, boiler room, washer room, etc., install it by proper amount (2~4)
7. If possible, install bait bowl at places near from corner, waterway, or wall
8. In the case that cockroaches seem to disappear and perfectly be stamped out. It is better to put it in order to prevent other cockroaches
Standard 12 EA for small cockroach